Dr. Jeremy Groves

Job Market Resources



  • "Zoning and the Distribution of Locational Rents: An Empirical Analysis of Haris County, Texas" with Dr. Eric Helland, Land Economics, 78(1), 28-44
  • "All Together Now? An Empirical Study of Voting Behaviors of Homeownner Association Members in St. Louis County" Review of Policy Research, 23(6), 1199-1218
  • "Finding the Missing Premium: An explanation of home values within residential community associations" Land Economics, 84(2), 188-208
  • "Impact of Positive Property Tax Differentials on the Timing of Development" Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39(6), 739-748
  • "Effectiveness of RCA Institutions to Limit Local Externalities: Using Foreclosure data to Test Covenant Effectiveness" with Dr. W. H. Rogers, Land Economics

Current Working Papers:

  • "A note on Potential Competition and Public Sector Performance"
  • "Impact of Controlled Choice on Housing Values: A Study of School Choice in Rockford, Illinois" with Dr. T. Batson
  • "Responsiveness of Residential Capital Investment to Property Tax Differentials" Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Working Paper

Early Stage Projects:

  • "Impacts of RCA Provision and Property Tax Rebates on Welfare"
  • "Obesity and Unemployment Duration" with Dr. V. Wilcox-Gök

last updated: May 26, 2011