students studying in Barsema Hall, College of BusinessA Management major and Women's Studies minor is a great combination for students interested in pursuing a variety of careers. Management majors typically go on to careers in supervision and human resources. In both of these areas, the skills and knowledge acquired in Women's Studies courses can provide students an edge in finding a job and excelling in it. Women's Studies courses emphasize the analytical, critical, and communication skills that employers seek. The interdisciplinary nature of Women's Studies prepares students to understand the workplace and relationships between employees. The ability to identify, comprehend, and analyze global complex connections is a key quality in the careers listed above.

A minor in Women's Studies also provides students with substantive knowledge that complements their comprehension of Management. In recent years, those who study and practice management have been paying increased attention to the integration of women and minorities in the workforce. Many organizations are devoting resources to women’s networking groups, programs to ease the conflicts between work and family responsibilities, and initiatives designed to attract and retain diverse workers. Courses in Women's Studies prepare students to understand and evaluate organizations’ pursuit of equal employment, affirmative action, equal pay, and diversity initiatives. Knowledge of these areas will benefit students pursuing a career in human resource management and organization management.

To earn a Women's Studies minor, students should take 18 hours of approved courses, including three core courses--WOMS 230, Women in Contemporary America, WOMS 235, Women Across Cultures and Centuries, and WOMS 432, Feminist Theory. Additional courses may be selected from a list of approved electives. Electives that may be of particular interest to Management majors include:

COMS 410 Communication and Gender
FCNS 464 Social Psychology of Dress and Appearance
HIST 360 Race, Class, and Gender in American History
HIST 473 Topics in Women's History
MGMT 498 Equal Opportunity and Employment
POLS 373 Women and Politics
SOCI 354 Families and Social Change
SOCI 357 The Sociology of Gender
SOCI 358 Racial and Ethnic Minority Families
WOMS 390 Internship in Women’s Studies
WOMS 430 Special Topics in Women's Studies (e.g., Africana Woman, Women, Work, and Welfare)
WOMS 434 Women, Men, and Language
WOMS 439 Independent Study in Women's Studies (e.g., equal pay, work and family, glass ceilings, diversity in organizations)

A complete list of electives is available in the undergraduate catalogue.

For additional information about the Women's Studies Minor, please call 753-1038, or visit Reavis Hall, room 103.