female artistArt Education majors with a minor in Women's Studies may be better prepared for challenges of their professions; they will have taken a significant amount of course work focusing on the majority of the human population. These courses will be useful because many public schools and arts institutions are interested in gender equity and are actively seeking employees familiar with the subject. The Women's Studies minor emphasizes the role of under-represented female populations in a traditionally male-dominated field, providing students with background on the historical, cultural, and social contributions of women. Students enrolled in the minor will also be introduced to the psychology of women and their approaches to visual culture.

A minor in Women's Studies offers Art Education majors the opportunity to enhance professional skills by taking course work complementary to the Art Education curriculum. Core and elective courses in Women's Studies can assist Art Education students in developing a multi-disciplinary perspective on specific issues related to women, representation, and cultural diversity. Students can also pursue personal interests by enrolling in special topics courses and independent study.

To earn a Women's Studies minor, students should take 18 hours of approved courses, including three core courses--WOMS 230, Women in Contemporary America, WOMS 235, Women Across Cultures and Centuries, and WOMS 432, Feminist Theory. Additional courses may be selected from a list of approved electives. Electives that may be of particular interest to Art Education majors include:

ANTH 361 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women

ANTH 468 Anthropology of Gender

ARTH 485D Topics in Art History: Images of Women

COMS 410 Communication and Gender

HIST 360 Race, Class, and Gender in American History

HIST 369 Women in United States History

HIST 413 Family, Sexuality, and Society since 1400

HIST 473 Topics in Women's History

SOCI 357 The Sociology of Gender

WOMS 390 Internship in Women’s Studies

WOMS 430 Special Topics in Women's Studies (e.g., Gender, Race, and Class in Museums)

WOMS 439 Independent Study in Women's Studies (e,g,, on images of women in popular culture)

A complete list of electives is available in the undergraduate catalogue.

For additional information about the Women's Studies minor, please call 753-1038, or stop by Reavis Hall, Room 103.