What students say about NIU Women's Studies:

Women's Studies courses and activities "present opportunities that meaningfully challenge and change the way you think about and interact with the world." -Alex (undergraduate student)


Women's Studies is "tremendously valuable to both male and female students alike as it involves the study of issues that have relevance and resonance to all of us." -Ashley (graduate student)


"Women’s Studies...has given me a voice. I feel comfortable expressing my views, and calling myself a feminist because of the support I have received from the wonderful people in Women’s Studies at NIU.” -Heather (undergraduate student)


"Taking classes in Women's Studies has been one of the best parts of my experience at NIU." -Jillian(graduate student)


Undergraduate Programs
in Women's Studies

The Women's Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic program housed in NIU's College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Any undergraduate student in the university may earn a certificate in Women's Studies (12 credite hours) or a minor in Women's Studies (18 credit hours). The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences also offers students the opportunity to construct an individualized major in Women’s Studies- B.A. or B.S..

As an interdisciplinary field, Women's Studies offers courses which:

  • Focus on women's experience in the analysis of human culture,
  • Examine the contributions and status of women in society,
  • Explore the meaning of gender in our lives,
  • Investigate the impact of race, ethnicity, age, social class, sexual orientation, ability, and other factors on women's experiences.

Elective courses are offered in a wide range of departments, including but not limited to anthropology, art, communication, English, foreign languages and literatures, geography, history, human and family resources, management, nursing, political science, psychology, and sociology. For example, students may study such topics as communication and the sexes, equal opportunity and employment, women and politics, growing up female, marriages and families, gender and crime, visual images of women, or women in U.S. history. We also offer a popular internship option that gives students practical experience working in women's organizations, government agencies, and other settings.  Click here to see a current listing of courses.

Students have found that a background in Women's Studies has benefited them in other college courses and in their work after college, regardless of career. Students entering social service fields such as psychology, health sciences, education, and others find it particularly valuable to have an in-depth knowledge of women's issues. In addition, Women's Studies may provide individuals with a greater awareness of the importance of gender in the workplace.


undergraduate Women's Studies student


  • Women's Studies offers two scholarships for NIU students.
  • Learn more about internship options in Women's Studies!
  • Women's Studies has a limited amount of travel funding available for students. If you are traveling to a conference and would like to apply for funding, fill out the Undergraduate Student Travel Fund Request Form and return it to the Women's Studies Program office (Reavis 103).

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