Kristen Myers, Director

Kristen Myers, Program Director

Kristen Myers, Director/Presidential Teaching Professor
Women's Studies Program/Department of Sociology
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-2:00 p.m., and by appointment
Office Number: Reavis Hall, Room 103
Office Phone: 753-1055
Curriculum vitae

Education: Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Research: The ways that Black and white women work to overcome racism; the ways that gay and lesbian police officers negotiate gender expectations at work; the ways that people talk about race in private; the ways that positionality affects qualitative research; how to teach inequality.

Recent/Significant Publications:

  • Myers, Kristen. Forthcoming. "Being 'The Man' Without Having a Job And/Or: Providing Care Instead of 'Bread'." In Families as They Really Art, 2nd ed., Virginia Rutter and Barbara Risman, eds. New York: Norton.
  • Myers, Kristen. 2013. "Anti-feminist Messages in American Television Programming for Young Girls." Journal of Gender Studies.
  • Myers, Kristen. 2013. "Exotica: The Deployment of Intersecting Binaries." Journal of Ethnography 42.6.
  • Myers, Kristen. 2012. "'Cowboy Up!' Non-hegemonic Representations of Masculinity in Children's Television Programming." Journal of Men's Studies 20: 125-143.
  • Myers, Kristen. 2005. Racetalk: Racism Hiding in Plain Sight. New York: Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Myers, Kristen. 2012. "Exotica: The Deployment of Intersecting Binaries." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 41: 7-33.
  • Myers, Kristen and Laura Raymond. 2012. "Elementary School Girls and Heteronormativity: The Girl Project." Gender & Society 24: 167-188.
  • Myers, Kristen; Kay Forest; and Suan Miller. 2004. "Officer Friendly and the Tough Cop: Gays and Lesbians Navigate Homophobia and Policing." Journal of Homosexuality 47: 17-37.
  • Myers, Kristen. 2004. "Ladies First: Race, Class and the Contradictions of a Powerful Femininity." Sociological Spectrum 24 (1): 11-41.
  • Myers, Kristen; Cynthia Anderson; and Barbara Risman, eds. 1998. Feminist Foundations: Toward Transforming Sociology. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

Recent Courses taught:

  • Research in Women's Studies
  • The Sociology of Gender, Work and Inequality
  • Social Inequality
  • Social Problems
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • The Sociology of Knowledge