NIU Women's Studies Other Library Resources
Journals/Periodicals-Single Editions:

The American Voice. Louisville, KY: Kentucky Foundation for Women. ISSN: 0884-4356. 1990 (21).

Battle Acts. New York, NY: WOMEN of Youth Against War & Fascism. 1972 (2.3).

Berkeley Women’s Law Journal. Berkely, CA: Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California. ISSN: 0882-4312. 1985 (1.1).

Canadian Woman Studies (les cahiers de la femme). Ontario, Canada: York University. 1987 (8.1).

Cinema Journal. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois. ISSN: 0009-7101. 1993 (32.4).

Circles: The Buffalo Women’s Journal of Law and Social Policy. Buffalo, NY: State University of New York. 1992 (1).

College English. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. ISSN: 0010-0994. 2008 (70.5).

Conscience: The News Journal of Catholic Opinion. Washington, DC: Catholics for a Free Choice. ISSN: 0740-6835. 2006 (27.2).

Dædalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Cambridge, MA: American Academy of Arts and Sciences. ISSN: 0011-5266. 1987 (Fall).

Disability Studies Quarterly. Waltham, MA: Brandeis University. ISSN: 1041-5718. 1996 (16.1).

Faculty Bulletin: Museums, Culture, and Education. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University. 1998 (61.3).

Feminist Formations. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. 2011 (23.2).

Feminist Voice. Chicago, IL: Feminist Voice Collective. 1972 (1.10).

FIG Leaves. (Literary magazine created as part of “FIGs 200: Gender, Culture and Society” class.) Edited by Mary Shelden. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University. 1997 (Spring).

Folklore Forum: Folklore and Women’s Status. Bloomington, IN: Folklore Publications Group. ISSN: 0015-5926. 1988 (21.2).

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. New York, NY: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, SA. 1994 (1.3).

Gold Flower: A Twin Cities Newspaper for Women. Minneapolis, MN. 1971 or 1972. (1.5).

Green Mountains Review: Women, Community and Narrative Voice. Johnson, VT: Johnson State College. ISSN: 0895-9307. 1994 (7.1).

Helios. Lubbock, TX: Texas Tech University. ISSN: 0160-0923. 1987 (13.2).

Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics. New York, NY: Heresies Collective. ISSN: 0146-3411. 1989 (24).

Hot Wire: The Journal of Women’s Music and Culture. Chicago, IL: Toni Armstrong Jr. 1991 (7.3).

Hurricane Alice: A Feminist Quarterly. Providence, RI: Rhode Island College, Dept. of English. ISSN:: 0882-7907. 1996 (11.3 & 11.4).

The Intercollegiate Review: A Journal of Scholarship and Opinion. Wilmington, DE: Intercollegiate Studies Institute. ISSN: 0020-5249. 1992 (28.1).

International Alliance for Women in Music Journal. Washington, DC: IAWM. ISSN: 1082-1872. 1995 (1.2).

International Social Science Journal. Oxford, UK: UNESCO. ISSN: 0020-8701. 2005 (184).

Iris: A Journal About Women and Home. Charlottesville, VA: Women’s Center & Women’s Studies Program, University of Virginia. ISSN: 0896-1301. 1998 (n. 37).

Journal About Women in Higher Education. Washington, D.C.: NASPA. ISSN: 1940-7882. 2008 (1).

Journal of Gender Issues in Art and Education. Orono, ME: Women’s Caucus of the National Art Education Association. 2000 (1).

Journal of General Education. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University. ISSN: 0021-3667. 1996 (45.3).

Journal of GLBT Family Studies. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press. ISSN: 1550-428X. 2005 (1.1).

Journal of International Affairs: Women and Change in the Developing World. New York, NY: School of International Affairs, Columbia University. ISSN: 0022-197X. 1976-77 (30.2).

Journal of Lesbian Studies. New York, NY: Haworth Press, Inc. ISSN: 1089-4160. 1999 (3.4).

Journal of Teacher Education: The Journal of Policy, Practice, and Research in Teacher Education. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin. 1997 (48.1).

Journal of Women, Politics & Policy. New York, NY: Haworth Political Press. ISSN: 1554-477X. 2005 (v. 1&2).

Journal of Women’s History. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University. ISSN: 1042-7961. 1996 (8.3).

Kalliope: A Journal of Women’s Art. Jacksonville, FL: Florida Community Collge. ISSN: 0735-7885. Date? (9.2).

Lila: Asia Pacific Women’s Studies Journal. Manila, Philippines: Institute of Women’s Studies. ISSN: 0117-343X. 1992 (1).

Literature Interpretation Theory. New York, NY: Gordon & Breach. ISSN: 0987-1243. 1989 (1.2-2.).

Michigan Feminist Studies-Beyond our Borders: Women Shaping History and Society. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan. ISSN: 1055-856X. 1990 (n. 5)

The Minnesota Review: A Journal of Committed Writing. Stonybrook, NY: Dept. of English, State University of New York. ISSN: 0026-5667. 1987 (29).

The Monthly Forum on Women in Higher Education. New York, NY: Women’s Forum Publishers. 1995 (1.2)

Notes From the Third Year: Women’s Liberation. New York, NY: Radical Feminism. 1971.

Outlook. Washington, DC: American Association of University of Women. ISSN: 1044-5706. 1998 (92.1).

Pedestal: A Women’s Liberation Newspaper. Vancouver, BC: The Pedestal. 1972 (4.2).

The Pennsylvania Speech Communication Annual. University Park, PA: Speech Communication Association of Pennsylvania, Inc. 1986 (17).

Philippine Quarterly of Culture & Society. Cebu City, Philippines: University of San Carlos. 1980 (v. 8, offprint).

PMLA. New York, NY: Modern Language Association. ISSN: 0020-8129. 1999 (114.1).

Progressive Woman: A Newsmagazine for Success-Minded Women. Middlebury, IN: Corson Publishing, Inc. 1972 (June).

Proteus: A Journal of Ideas. Shippensburg, PA: Shippensburg University. 1986 (3.2).

Quarterly Review of Film and Video. New York, NY: Harwood Academic Publishers. ISSN: 0146-0013. 1989 (11.1).

Radcliffe Quarterly. Cambridge, MA: Radcliffe College Alumnae Association. ISSN: 0022-7528. 1998 (84.3-“Gender Matters” issue).

Recherches Féministes. (French language.) Québec, Canada: Recherches feministes. 1993 (6.2).

Representations. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. ISSN: 0734-6018. 1987 (20).

The Rockford Review. (Literary journal.) Rockford, IL: Rockford Writers’ Guild. 1990 (v. 9).

SageWoman. Point Arena, CA: SageWoman. ISSN: 1068-1698. 1993 (n. 23).

Scarlet Letter. Madison, WI: Scarlet Letter Collective. 1972. (7).

Scope: The Journal of African-American Thought. DeKalb, IL: Center for Black Studies, Northern Illinois University. 1994 (1.3).

Sistersong: Women Across Cultures. Pittsburg, PA: Council of Literary Magazines. ISSN: 1063-214X. 1993 (1.2).

Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois. ISSN: 1072-4745. 1994 (1.1).

Soujourner: The Women’s Forum. Jamaica Plain, MA: Soujourner Feminist Institute. ISSN:: 0364-2097. 1998 (23.7).

Teaching Tolerance. Montgomery, AL: Southern Poverty Law Center. ISSN: 1066-2847. 1998 (7.2).

Thought & Action: The NEA Higher Education Journal. Washington, DC: National Education Association. ISSN: 0748-8475. 1989 (5.1).

TRIVIA-A Journal of Ideas. North Amherst, MA: TRIVIA. ISSN: 0736-928X. 1983 (Spring).

Vital Signs. Atlanta, GA: National Black Women’s Health Project. 1995 (11.3).

Welcome Home: For support and encouragement as you nurture your children. Vienna, VA: Mothers at Home. ISSN: 8750-9563. 1995 (12.8).

Woman of Power: a magazine of feminism, spirituality, and politics. Cambirdge, MA: Woman of Power, Inc. ISSN: 0743-2356. 1985 (2).

Women and International Development Annual. Boulder, CO: Westview. ISSN: 1045-893X. 1989 (v. 1).

Women and Language. Fairfax, VA: Communication Department, George Mason University. ISSN: 8755-4550. 1991 (14.2)

Women and Therapy: A Feminist Quarterly. Philadelphia, PA: Haworth. ISSN: 0270-3149. 1985 (4.1).

Women Change America: Celebrating 15 Years of Writing Women Back Into History. Windsor, CA: National Women’s History Project. 1996.

Women Change America: Writing Women Back Into History. Windsor, CA: National Women’s History Project. 2005.

Women in Literature and Life Assembly. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. 1992 (1).

Women in Natural Resources. Moscow, ID: University of Idaho. 1995 (16.4).

Women Win the Vote: Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Woman Suffrage. Windsor, CA: National Women’s History Project. 1995.

Women’s Education/Education des Femmes. Toronto, Canada: Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women. ISSN: 0714-9786. 1994 (11.1).

Women’s Research: Journal of the Center for Women’s Studies. Tehran, Iran: University of Tehran. ISSN: 1735-1707. 2004 (1.1).

Writing for Our Lives: Betrayal in love, Mothers/Daughters, and more!. Los Gatos, CA: Running Deer. ISSN: 1062-3434. 1996 (5.1).

Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. New Haven, CT: Yale Law School. 1989 (1.1).