Psychology buildingPsychology graduate students with a certificate in Women's Studies may be better prepared for the challenges of their profession. Mental health professional often encounter a variety of problems that are more prevalent in women, including sexual assault, trauma, depression, and family concerns. The skills and knowledge acquired in Women's Studies courses can provide students a stronger background in conducting research and handling these concerns. The Women's Studies program emphasizes the unique impact of historical, cultural, and social factors on the experiences of women, their development across the life span, and their roles in society.

A certificate in Women's Studies offers Psychology students the opportunity to enhance professional skills by taking course work complementary to the Psychology curriculum. Courses in Women's Studies can assist Psychology students in developing a multi-disciplinary perspective on specific issues related to women, human development, and the social world. Students can also pursue more specific interests by enrolling in special topics courses and independent study.

To earn a Women's Studies certificate, students should take 12 hours of approved courses, including two core courses--WOMS 620, Feminist Theory, and WOMS 630, Research in Women's Studies. Additional courses may be selected from a list of approved electives. Electives that may be of particular interest to Psychology students include:

CAHC 595 Women and Careers
CAHC 766 Human Sexuality Counseling
COMS 640 Seminar in Communication and Gender
EPFE 603 Foundations of Feminist Educational Thought
FCNS 600B Seminar: Family and Child Studies
FCNS 616 Nutritional Factors in Obesity and Eating Disorders
HIST 513 Family, Sexuality, and Society since 1400
HIST 573 Topics in Women's History
ILAS 650 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies (3)
MGMT 528 Equal Opportunity and Employment
SOCI 554 Racial and Ethnic Minority Family Systems
SOCI 557 Comparative Family Systems
WOMS 534 Women, Men and Language
WOMS 602 Internship
WOMS 610 Special Topics in Women's Studies
WOMS 639 Independent Study in Women's Studies

A complete list of electives is available in the graduate catalogue.

For additional information about the Women's Studies certificate, please email our program or call 753-1038.