Elizabeth Cady StantonThe Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies offers M.A. and Ph.D. candidates in History an opportunity to supplement their major course work with the interdisciplinary study of gender. The certificate offers systematic engagement with feminist theory and criticism, research methods, and scholarship. Core and elective courses in Women's Studies can assist History students in developing a multi-disciplinary perspective on specific issues related to women, political shifts, representation, and cultural diversity.

A certificate in Women's Studies offers History students the chance to learn more about women and gender-related issues that they may encounter in History courses or the workplace. Students can find out how public and private figures have changed women's lives at various times and in different settings.

To earn a graduate certificate in Women's Studies, students should take at least twelve hours of approved courses, including two core classes--WOMS 620, Feminist Theory, and WOMS 630, Research in Women's Studies. In WOMS 620, students examine the relevance and importance of feminist scholarship across disciplines; in WOMS 630, they have an opportunity to design a project in their own discipline that accounts for sex and/or gender as variables. Many students find that this research design is a useful starting point for a thesis or other major research project. Independent study and prestigious internship options are available as well as occasional graduate assistantships.

Additional courses from a list of approved electives that may be of particular interest to History students include:

ARTH 785 Topics in Art History*
CAHC 595 Women and Careers
COMS 640 Seminar in Communication and Gender
ENGL 607 Topics in Literature*
EPFE 590 Workshop in Educational Administration
HIST 510 Reading Seminar in U.S. History*
SOCI 554 Racial and Ethnic Minority Family Systems
SOCI 557 Comparative Family Systems
WOMS 530 Special Topics in Women's Studies
WOMS 534 Women, Men, and Language
WOMS 602 Internship in Women’s Studies
WOMS 610 Topics in Women's Studies
WOMS 639 Independent Study

*When focused on women

A complete list of electives is available in the graduate catalogue.

For additional information about the graduate certificate in Women's Studies, please call 753-1038.