Women's Studies (WOMS) Mission

Northern Illinois University Women's Studies Program


Our mission is to promote global awareness and an appreciation for human diversity through the study of women and gender. Faculty members provide a comprehensive academic program that offers excellence in interdisciplinary education with opportunities for community engagement and service learning. Our curriculum prepares students for further study or participation in a diversifying work force. This program includes an undergraduate minor and graduate certificate as well as courses that introduce students to the growing body of feminist scholarship, its theories, methodologies, and perspectives.

Further, faculty aim to demonstrate teaching methods reflective of diverse learning styles; enhance advising, mentoring, and advocacy for women; develop and implement appropriate assessment strategies; support research, service, and creative activities of faculty and staff in their work related to women and/or gender; serve as a university and community resource for research on women's and gender issues; represent Northern Illinois University in local, regional, and national Women's Studies organizations; honor the achievements of women.

Approved October 26, 2011