Core Reading List

Aristophanes    Three Plays (Ed Henderson)

Plato    Republic of Plato    9780465069347    BASIC

Boccaccio    On Famous Women    9781599102665    ITAL

De Pizan    Book of City of Ladies (Trans Richards)(Rev)    9780892552306    PERSEA

Plato    Laws    9781466271784    CSPACE

Machiavelli    Mandragola    9780917974571    SHFFLD

Montesquieu    Persian Letters (Trans Betts)    9780140442816    PENG

Rousseau    Emile or on Education (Trans Bloom)    9780465019311    BASIC

Engels    Origin of the Family, Private Property & State (Intro Hunt)    9780141191119    PENG

Gilman    Herland    9780486404295    DOVER

Hossain    Sultana's Dream    9780935312836    CDS

Saxonhouse    Women in History of Political Thought    9780275916558    PRAEGER

Okin    Women in Western Political Thought    9780691158341    CPF