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LGBT and WRC Calendar - Spring 2014

The LGBT and Women's Resource Center is comprised of 6 programatic components. These programs were developed with the student in mind, to build collaborative relationships, to be intentionally inclusive, and have partnerships focused on student learning beyond the classroom. The six areas are cutlural community building, advocacy, leadership and professional development, cultural education, and cultural engagement.

February Programs:

  • BHM Film Screening and Discussion- February 5, 2014- 1pm - 3pm, LGBT and WRC Conference Room  
  • Dress for Success collab w/ Career Services- February 12, 2014- 1:30pm – 2:30pm, HSC Capitol Room
  • Clothing Expo: Clothes for student Success- February 12, 2014- 3pm - 5pm, HSC Glass Gallery Lounge
  • BHM Film Screening and Discussion- February 18, 2014- 1pm - 3pm, LGBT and WRC Conference Room
  • Down Low Dirty Shame Continued- February 24, 2014- 6pm - 8pm, Steenson Multipurpose Room

March Programs:

  • Women's History Month
  • Beyonce's F Word(Women's History Month), March 5, 2014, 3:30-5pm

April Programs:

  • Own It! Embrace your Beauty Fashion Show- POSTPONED until Fall Semester
  • Project Prom- Throughout the Month of April 
  • Homecoming Celebration- TBA
  • LGBTQ Awareness Month-  Throughout the Month of April
    • Too Much to handle: Being Fat in Queer Communities, April  8, 2014- 5pm, HSC Illinois Room
    • 10th Annual Ally Awards, April 10, 2014- 2:30pm. HSC Regency Room
    • Featured Speaker: Kye Allums- Athlete and Activist, April 15, 2014- 6pm, HSC Duke Ellington Ballroom
    • What's the T? part 3, April 16, 2014- 6pm, HSC Capitol Room South
    • Queer Dynamics of Medicine: A Unique look at LGBT Health in the US, April 17, 2014- 6pm HSC Room 305
    • Inside the Fishbowl, April 23, 2014- 6:30pm HSC Heritage Room
    • Protect and Serve? Stop and Frisk as an LGBT Issue, April 24, 2014- 5pm, HSC Room 305 
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

May Programs:

  • Lavendar Graduation- May 8, 2014, Holmes Student Center Sky Room, 7pm

Student Leadership/Development Programs (Available throughout the semester):

The Women's Resource Center offers leadership opportunties through the following:

  • Volunteer Program
  •   Professional Development Program
  •   Student Staff Assistant
  •   Graduate Assistantship
  •   Internship