Suzanne E. Willis

Suzanne E. Willis


About me:

I got my BA in physics from Mount Holyoke College and my MPhil and PhD in physics from Yale University.

My PhD dissertation, titled "A LAMPF Neutrino Experiment to Test Muon Number Conservation", was a search for electron antineutrinos coming from the decay of positive muons; as expected (although never before measured), we didn't find any.

I did postdoctoral work at Fermilab, and was an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma before coming to Northern Illinois University, where I am now a full professor and assistant department chair.

Besides LAMPF, I have done research in experimental particle physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Fermilab, and CERN.

After a 5-year jaunt into academic administration, I returned to the department with changed interests, and am now focusing more intensely on teaching, as well as on physics education research and public science literacy.