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Past Updates

6-19-14: The new Cascade User Resource Site is now live.

12-17-13: Compatibility issues have been identified between Cascade Version 7.8.1 and Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11. Please useMozilla Firefox or Google Chrome when editing sites in Cascade.

6-12-13: New Cascade Server Video Tutorials are now available.

3-16-13: Cascade will be updated to Version 7.2.1 on Friday, April 19. View the Release Notes here.

1-29-13: A link to the ITS instructions for mailform.asp have been added to the Resources page.

11-15-12: The Cascade User Manual has been updated to include instructions for "Tracking" and "Analytics."

9-20-12: The Cascade User Manual has been updated to include "Internal Links" and "Anchors." 

6-1-12: Cascade Server will be upgraded to Version 7.0 this afternoon at 5 p.m. Read the release notes.

5-14-12: The university's Website Policies and Procedures have been approved and posted. All campus website managers should review the requirements to ensure that their site(s) are in compliance.

4-11-12: Cascade Server Troubleshooting Guide - check this guide to resolve common issues in Cascade Server. Still need help? Contact us

3-26-12: Known issue with Firefox 11 and Cascade Server. If your content does not display when you are editing a page, click on the lower right corner of the WYSIWYG window and drag the window so that it slightly larger. Your content should appear.

3-20-12: The Cascade Server User Manual has been updated.

3-12-12: Web Communications has moved! Visit us in Swen Parson Hall B12.

9-29-11: An updated version of the Cascade Server User Manual is now available.

8-22-11: The new university logo has been rolled out on all websites using the NIU templates on Cascade Server.

4-18-11: Cascade Server Upgraded to Version 6.8.