Website Templates

TemplateThe university's Website Policies & Procedures require all division, college, school, department and special information websites and pages to clearly identify their relationship with the university.

University departments and related organizations are required to use official NIU-branded web templates. Web Communications currently offers two templates: gray and tan. (See examples.) To request a new website in the templates, please fill out this form.

Exceptions include – but are not limited to - the Barsema Alumni & Visitors Center, the Convocation Center, Econ Illinois, Intercollegiate Athletics, the NIU Alumni Association, the NIU Foundation and Northern Public Radio, which have their own brand identities. For a current list, or to request an exception, contact Web Communications.

Custom templates may be developed at the college- or division-level with approval from Communications & Marketing. Design assistance is available from Web Communications.  

University departments that host any of the official NIU-branded templates outside of Cascade Server are required to ensure that the templates reflect the most recent global content and design requirements, especially the global navigation at the top of each web page and the content and links in the template footer.

Use of the Huskie Athletics logo on sites other than is prohibited without written consent from Intercollegiate Athletics, or its designee. Legacy logos such as the centennial logo and the NIU wordmark, as well as the university seal, should not be used. See the graphic standards website for more information on the use of logos and identity marks.

No university trademarks may be altered or manipulated in any way or merged with or placed directly against any other logo.

All NIU websites should include the following elements: 

  • The NIU logo, implemented according to the university’s graphic standards. The logo must link back to the NIU homepage (
  • Copyright information as follows: © 2xxx Board of Trustees of Northern Illinois University. All rights reserved.
  • The full name of the university – Northern Illinois University – must appear somewhere on every Web page.

Cascade Server is NIU’s official Web content management system (CMS). WebCRMA is the university’s legacy CMS. New sites should be created and managed in Cascade Server. Web Communications provides training materials, classes and support for Cascade Server users.