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NOTE: Professor Dale Sullivan compiled many of the items in this list of resources during his tenure as WAC coordinator at NIU. Other sources were put together by graduate students who served as WAC consultants. Care has been taken to preserve as much content as possible. Although some dead links and missing images have been unavoidable, there is an interesting potpourri of resources that point to the history of WAC at NIU. Material tends to fall under the following categories:

  • Advice for faculty interested in incorporating writing into their courses
  • Bibliographies
  • Formats and genres used in different academic discipline
  • Grading and assessment suggestions
  • Grammatical instruction and lessons (caution: some information is not reliable, and exercises are of limited value; a grammar handbook or the Purdue Online Writing Lab will be more helpful and student-friendly)
  • Guidelines for graduate students who served as consultants
  • Guidelines for faculty to earn WAC-sponsored grants
  • Instructions for designing websites
  • Rhetorical issues and resources
  • Suggestions for formal assignments
  • Writing-to-learn activities

Currently, the NIU Writing Center has replaced the WAC consultancy program, providing students, faculty, and staff in every area of the curriculum with support for writing tasks. WAC workshops for faculty take place every May, and participants receive modest stipends. Faculty stipends are also available for workshop participants who develop "writing proficiency" courses in the major or in general education. Please click on "Faculty Support" in the navigation bar to the left for further details.

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Thanks to Jory Keller for extensive assistance recovering and designing this archive.