Steering Committee


About the Steering Committee

The purpose of the NIU Vision 2020 Steering Committee is to provide overall guidance to a year-long university effort to develop a discrete set of measures of success or “benchmarks” to calibrate our progress on the goals and priorities for the next decade.

This is not an additional or new strategic planning effort. Rather, Vision 2020 will rely on the comprehensive efforts and conclusions of the Great Journeys Strategic Plan, the Baccalaureate Review Task Force, and the Enrollment Management Strategic Task Force. Other reports and studies developed at NIU will be consulted as appropriate to help us identify key priorities and measures. As we develop our set of institutional indicators to guide our progress, we must have accurate data and assessments of where we currently stand. Additionally, we must compare ourselves on the measures we choose to our group of competitors and aspiring peers. We must know how we rank with our competitors.

The Vision 2020 Steering Committee will also develop strategies to reach our goals and to identify funding sources to meet our objectives. The Steering Committee has been asked to be creative and innovative on this last point. These strategies must include being more efficient in our operations and our expenses, elimination of redundant or obsolete programs, and reallocation of existing resources where appropriate. The major emphasis in this area, however, must focus on the development of new and sustainable revenue streams.