Steering Committee

Charge of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of individuals representative of the NIU community: faculty, students, staff, alumni, donors and others. Care has been taken to include individuals who have been actively involved in the development of recent NIU planning activities. Many of these individuals will serve as co-chairs or members of seven working groups that will be charged with bringing recommendations to the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee to be involved in the following actitivities:

  • Validate the configuration of the working groups and their charge.
  • Review and discuss the current set of University planning documents.  Identify any gaps that exist in our planning efforts.
  • Review current NIU data and rankings in comparison with our peer groups.
  • Receive periodic updates from the working groups and receive their final reports.
  • Utilize the final reports of the working groups, to create and adopt a final plan that can be presented to the Board of Trustees.