Working Groups

Regional Impact, Outreach, Engagement and Graduate Education

Executive Summary and Report  Adobe PDF


Northern Illinois University is intimately connected to the region it serves and the communities from which it draws most of its students.  That region has become an area of national and global importance, home to a growing and increasingly diverse population.  As institutions across the country move to underscore their economic, social and cultural impact on the regions around them, NIU is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities its exceptionally complex region offers for engaged research, artistry and service.

Issues and Measures

We can measure our progress toward strengthening and extending NIU’s regional and global impact in many ways, for example:

  • Growth of regional credit programs
  • Optimal enrollment for each graduate or professional program, on and off campus
  • Size and impact of graduate and professional programs on outreach and regional development
  • Expanded services and scholarships for part-time, non-residential students
  • Opportunities for online and distance education
  • Opportunities for engaged learning/Number of student registrations for service-learning
  • Number of pre-college programs, activities, and camps
  • Delivery of innovative curricula, support services and learning opportunities via NIUNet
  • Number of strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives
  • Number of faculty and staff involved in regional economic development activities and/or addressing issues of public concern
  • Number of faculty and staff whose work expands the university’s international reach
  • Rewards and support for University personnel, programs, and centers  contributing to the solution of regional problems
  • Ability to track engagement activities and to assess the impact of engagement initiatives on students, faculty, the institution, and the community
  • Connections to alumni in northern Illinois
  • Participation in community-sponsored events and regional activities
  • External  funding from contracts and corporate donations for engagement work and initiatives
  • Public relations efforts highlighting the range, depth, and impact of NIU engagement initiatives
  • Involvement of University members on national and international engagement boards and associations


  • Anne Kaplan, Vice President, Administration & University Outreach, Co-Chair
  • Brad Bond,  Acting Dean of the Graduate School, Co-Chair
  • Paul Bauer, Director, School of Music
  • Barry Bode, Chair, Biological Sciences
  • Terry Borg, Director, External Programs, College of Education
  • Judith Hermanson, Director, NGOLD
  • Amy Levin, Director, Women’s Studies
  • Brigid Lusk, Chair, Nursing and Health Studies
  • Kirk Miller, Chair, Sociology
  • Cliff Mirman, Chair, Technology
  • Lynn Slater, Program Administrative Assistant, Music
  • Sharon Smaldino, Morgridge Chair for Teacher Education, Partnership Office
  • Dan Weilbaker, Professor, Marketing