Working Groups

Student Recruitment, Retention and Success

Executive Summary and Report  Adobe PDF


The Student Recruitment, Retention, and Success working group is charged with identifying a holistic set of measures which will define the size, composition, quality and success of our student population over the next decade.

Issues and Measures

The types of issues and measures that the committee might consider include:

  • Size of Freshmen class
  • Size of Transfer class
  • Academic Preparedness of Freshman Class
  • GPA in core
  • Percent of Freshmen Graduating in top 10%
  • Class Rank
  • Average ACT/SAT score
  • Percentage of Freshmen that return for second year
  • Percentage of students who graduate in 4, 5, 6 years
  • Course Completion Rates
  • Success of Graduates
  • Expanding our Geographic Recruitment Base
  • Success Rates with At-Risk Students


  • Brian Hemphill, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Co-Chair
  • Earl Seaver, Vice-Provost, Co-Chair
  • JD Bowers, Associate Professor, History
  • Chuck Downing, Professor, Operations Management and Information Systems 
  • Dana Gautcher, Director, Student Academic Success
  • Missy Gillis, Associate Director of Admissions & Director of Transfer Center
  • Denise Hayman, Director, CHANCE
  • John Jones, Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs
  • Justin Larsen, student
  • Katherine McCarthy, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services
  • Jenny Parker,  Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Michele Stieren, IT Technical Associate, Division of Research and Graduate Studies 
  • Laura Vazquez, Associate Professor, Communication
  • Kelly Wesener, Assistant Vice-President for Student Services