Working Groups

Student Experience

Executive Summary and Report  Adobe PDF


The major goal of Vision2020 is to make NIU the most student-centered public research university in the Midwest.  To achieve this goal, NIU must create a vibrant 21st Century living and learning environment.  The university has already taken initial, but significant steps to add new and renovated student housing, and to provide for other infrastructure amenities, such as improved parking, bike paths, intramural fields and Holmes Student Center improvements.  Student leadership and Greek life opportunities, extracurricular activities, and the role of intercollegiate athletics on our campus, are all part of the student-life experience that embrace a collegiate educational experience and lead to alumni satisfaction.

Issues and Measures

There are many measures of student and alumni satisfaction that can be used to measure our progress toward our overall goal of student-centeredness.

The Student Experience Work Group might consider such measures as:

  • Percentages of students satisfied with housing and dining options
  • The level of integration of academic programming in student housing
  • The percentage of the student population participating in intramural activities
  • The percentage of the student body participating in student leadership activities
  • The percentage of the student body participating in Greek Life programs
  • The number of programs and participation rates for commuting students
  • Student attendance levels at intercollegiate events
  • Alumni satisfaction with their NIU experience
  • Development of a “Wellness” concept and program for NIU students


  • Brandi Hephner LaBanc, Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Co-Chair
  • Promod Vohra, Dean, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Co-Chair
  • Amanda Benzine, Director of Marketing, Athletics 
  • Sandi Carlisle, Director, Recreation Services
  • Angie Dreessen, Director, Student Involvement & Leadership Development
  • Melissa Folowell-Vargas,  Office Manager, Student Involvement & Leadership Development
  • John Gordon, Director, Convocation Center
  • Darren Howard, student
  • Chris Jones, Chair, Political Science
  • Bob Marshall, Alumni Association
  • Doris MacDonald, Associate Professor, English
  • Joe Matty, Executive Director, Alumni Services
  • Mike Stang, Executive Director, Housing and Dining
  • David Wiley, student
  • Antoinette Williams, student