Working Groups

Academic Programming

Executive Summary and Report  Adobe PDF


The Academic Programming work group is charged with identifying key priorities from the NIU Great Journeys Strategic Plan for improving the academic climate and experience of our students, and identifying measures for these priorities. 

Issues and Measures

Measures for the following might be considered:

  • Global Experience: Number of students studying abroad
  • Honors Experience: Number of students in Honors programs at the department, college and university level and the extent to which they are integrated.
  • On-line course offerings: The percentage and penetration of on-line course offerings in the curriculum.
  • Engaged Learning: The number and percentage of students pursuing internships and experiential learning (USOAR & URAP)
  • Baccalaureate Review Outcomes: The number of new “pathways” available to undergraduates. Degree of flexibility in the general education program.


  • David Changnon, Acting Associate Vice Provost, Co-Chair
  • Chris McCord, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Co-Chair
  • Valerie Berg, honors student
  • Terry Bishop, Associate Professor, Management
  • Rebecca Butler, Professor, Department of Educational Technology,Research and Assessment
  • Carolinda Douglass, Director, Assessment Services
  • Daniel Kempton, Honors Director
  • Ed Klonoski, Associate Professor, School of Music
  • Melissa Lenczewski, Associate Professor, Geology
  • Greg Long, Professor, Allied Health and Communicative Disorders
  • Deborah Pierce, Associate Provost, International Programs
  • Ann Seitzinger, Study Abroad Assistant Director, International Programs 
  • Julia Spears, Engaged Learning Coordinator