Northern Illinois University


Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing at NIU

The next generation of video conferencing has arrived at NIU. Two new options now provide fast and reliable tools for meeting, sharing and collaborating online.

Polycom Equipment

  • Brings together large groups such as classes that can see and hear each other from multiple sites
  • Can be used between NIU and the regional centers or any linkable site in the U.S.
  • Results in high speed connectivity with great clarity when transmitted over Internet 2 from NIU sites
  • Available in DeKalb at Gabel Hall, the Family Health, Wellness & Literacy Center (FHWLC), the Music Building and the NIU Outreach Centers in Hoffman Estates, Naperville and Rockford

Collaborative Software

Adobe Connect & Wimba

Both of these products for desktop video conferencing are useful for blended-learning classes, conferring with students and small meetings. In addition, both products can be accessed from Blackboard.

  • Adobe Connect (one-on-one and small-group video conferencing in Blackboard or directly from the Web)
  • Wimba (one-on-one video conferencing within a Blackboard course)


Uses of Video Conferencing

  • Course delivery
  • Face-to-face meetings for online courses
  • Guest lectures
  • Concerts and master classes
  • Oral exams
  • Collaboration on projects
  • Modeling effective uses of technology in teaching & learning
  • Teaching demonstrations for class critiques
  • Face-to-face interviews for research
  • Faculty training sessions
  • Dissertation defenses
  • Moot Court hearings
  • Consultation with remote experts