Student Testimonials

The USOAR program has helped me understand my field better than any class ever could, and encouraged me to continue my education outside of the classroom.  I hope that the research I have done and the experiences I have gained will help me become an outstanding engineer in the automotive braking field.

— Katie Doonan, Formula SAE Braking System


I believe that, in undertaking this study, I have begun to realize the goals of my future research.  I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity  to conduct this fascinating study; it has not only broadened my horizon in a cultural sense, but also reaffirmed my desires to conduct future research in this area of the world.  The things I saw and learned could not have been taught through books and pictures, but only understood by firsthand experience.

— Eleanor Fritz, A Study of the Beliefs of Cambodia 

Being able to take the knowledge I had learned from my mental health theory and clinical courses and applying that to my research in another country was the greatest experience I have had in college so far...This experience stimulated an aspiration to carry on doing research so I can continually learn and apply knowledge in hopes of becoming a better nurse...Although I was very sad to leave Ireland, I was excited to come home with new knowledge to apply to my profession and a new outlook on life.

— Mai Salvador, Nursing USOAR Project in Ireland 


The USOAR grant has helped me to learn more about what it means to be a researcher in the field of biology and to gain a better understanding of how important clean water is for everyday usage.  I will never forget the places I got to go, the things I got to see, and the people I got to meet.  Working on this has reaffirmed to me that I am in a field that I love and will continue to love.

— Drew Thompson, Biology Project in Yucatan Peninsula