Sagarin Research Lab

Lab Director

  • Brad Sagarin earned his doctorate from Arizona State University where he studied social influence with Robert Cialdini and quantitative psychology with Stephen West. His research interests include attitude change, resistance to persuasion, deception, jealousy, and infidelity, evolutionary psychology, human sexuality, and statistical approaches to missing data and non-compliance. Before entering psychology, Brad earned a Baccalaureate degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked for Oracle Corp.

Graduate Students

  • James Ambler
  • Brian Berchtold
  • Evelyn Comber
  • Ellen Davis
  • Ed Hansen
  • Sarah Hanson
  • William Homan
  • Joe Kutter
  • Amy Martin
  • Lily Patel
  • Jason Raad
  • Alexander Ratnikov
  • David Wietting
  • Bettina Zengel
Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Valerie Burns
  • Tory Durham
  • Eric Lindeen
  • Alexia Newbern
  • Luiza Palka
  • Gabriela Ruszczak
  • Kristyanna Sabin
  • Holly Swaim
  • Tracy Tittlebach
Lab Alumni


Address: Department of Psychology, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, IL 60115.
Phone: (815) 753-7067 e-mail: bsagarin [at] niu {dot} edu