2017-18 Committees of the University

College Senates
(Bylaws, Article 16.1.2)

A.  The College Senate shall consist of the departmental chairs of the college and the dean or deans of the college. The dean, or the dean's designee, shall serve as chair of the senate and be responsible for preparing the agenda.

B.  The College Senate shall consider and review administrative matters of the college and advise the dean of the college on such matters.

College Senates Membership 2017-18

College of Business
Balaji Rajagopalan, Dean
Beth Towell, Associate Dean
Paul Prabhaker, Associate Dean
Ann Carrell, Assstant Dean, MBA Program
Rebecca Shortridge, Accountancy
Sarah Marsh, Management
Geoff Gordon, Marketing
Chang Liu, Operations Management and Information Systems
Gina Nicolosi, Finance

College of Education
Laurie Elish-Piper, Dean
William Pitney, Associate Dean
David Walker, Associate Dean
Susanne Degges-White, Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Donna Werderich, Curriculum and Instruction
Corrine Wickens, Curriculum and Instruction
Wei-Chen Hung, Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
Chad M cEvoy, Kinesiology and Physical Education
Carolyn Pluim, Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Gregory Conderman, Special and Early Education
Terry Borg, External and Global Programs
Margee Myles, Student Services
Judy Schneider, Advancement
Susan Mizgalski, Communications
Alicia Anderson, Business Administrative Associate
Patricia Wielert, Administrative Assistant

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Don Peterson, Dean
Mansour Tahernezhadi, Associate Dean
Associate Dean (Vacant)
Federico Sciammarella, Mechanical Engineering
Mansour Tahernezhadi (Acting), Electrical Engineering
Purush Damodaran, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Cliff Mirman, Engineering Technology

College of Health and Human Sciences
Derryl Block, Dean
Beverly Henry, Associate Dean
James Ciesla, Health Studies and Associate Dean
Sherrill Morris, Allied Health and Communicative Disorderrs
Thomas Pavkov, Family and Consumer Sciences
Karl Nilsen, Military Science
Nancy Valentine, Nursing
Carrie Callahan, Assistant to the Dean
Lori Botterman, Director of Communications

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Judy Ledgerwood, Acting Dean, Chair
David Ballantine, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Brian Sandberg, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Kirk Miller, Associate Dean for Academic Administration
Tammy Stevens, Business Administrative Associate
Paula Meyer, Director of College Communications
Janice Hamlet, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Programs
Kendall Thu, Anthropology
Barrie Bode, Biological Sciences
Ralph Wheeler, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mehdi Semati, Communication
Nicholas Karonis, Computer Science
Carl Campbell, Economics
Kathleen Renk, English
Katharina Barbe, Foreign Languages and Literatures
David Changnon, Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences
Mark Fischer, Giology and Environmental Geosciences
James Schmidt, History
Bernard Harris, Mathematical Sciences
David Buller, Philosophy
Laurence Lurio, Physics
Scot Schraufnagel, Political Science
Leslie Matuszewich, Psychology
Kurt Thurmaier, Public Administration
Mike Ezell, Sociology
Melissa Lenczewski, Environmental Studies
Christina Abreu, Latino and Latin American Studies
Christopher Einolf, Non Profit and NGO Studies
Eric Jones, Southeast Asian Studies
Jon Miller, Secondary Science and Math Education
Barbara Gonzalez, Statistics
Kristen Myers, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

College of Visual and Performing Arts
Paul Kassel, Dean
Melanie Parks, Associate Dean
Joshua Anderson, CVPA External Programs
Jo Burke, NIU Art Museum
Susan Carter, Business Manager
Andy Dolan, Marketing and Communication
Alex Gelman, Theatre and Dance
Janet Hathaway, Music
Kristin Miller, Advancement
John Siblik, Art and Design