2018-19 Committees of the University

University Assessment Panel
(Bylaws, Article 15.8)

Membership of University Assessment Panel

15.8 University Assessment Panel

15.8.1 Composition The University Assessment Panel shall consist of the following members: Chair The Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness who shall serve as the chair of the University Assessment Panel; ex officio, nonvoting. Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Representation Tenured and tenure-track faculty members from each of the colleges, as follows: 

(A) Fourteen tenured and tenure-track faculty representatives shall be chosen as follows: One from the College of Law; two each from the Colleges of Business, Education, Engineering and Enghineering Technology, Health and Human Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts; and three from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (one each from the areas of humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences);

(B) Tenured and tenure-track faculty shall be elected by the college council of the college they represent, or by the college faculty if there is no college council. They shall serve three-year staggered terms beginning in the fall semester. Staff Representation 

(A) One staff member from the student affairs units, appointed by the chief Student Affairs officer;

(B) One staff member from academic support units, appointed by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs. Libraries Representation

(A) One staff or tenured or tenure-track faculty member from the University Libraries. Student Representation

(A) Two students, one undergraduate and one graduate, shall be appointed annually as voting members of the panel. The appointments shall be made by the president of the Student Association from a list of nominees submitted by the college student advisory committees. Each student advisory committee shall be entitled to nominate annually one undergraduate and one graduate student, as appropriate to degrees offered in that college. Terms of office for student members shall begin at the beginning of the fall semester; no such terms shall extend beyond the beginning of the succeeding fall semester. Students shall be eligible for reappointment to successive terms. Administration Representation

(A) One associate or assistant dean responsible for curriculum assessment, appointed by those persons; they shall serve a two-year term beginning in the fall semester;

(B) Director, Accreditation, Assessment, and Evaluation, ex officio, nonvoting, serving as an assistant chair;

(C) Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum, ex officio, nonvoting;

(D) Associate Director, Educator Licensusre and Preparation, ex officio, nonvoting.

15.8.2 Duties The duties of the University Assessment Panel shall be: To review the university mission statement, other statements of university objectives, and state-level policies as a context for assessment; To serve in an advisory capacity to review and provide input on activities pertaining to regional accreditation, and to support the university with preparation of assurance arguments and other initiatives conducted to fulfill accreditation mandates; To provide advice on performance measures and benchmarks to be used externally for state approval and internally for program review processes; To review and approve assessment plans for new programs prior to submission for IBHE review; To work with the General Education Committee and the Committee on Initial Educator Licensure Preparation on assessment activities in the general education program and in initial teacher licensure programs, respectively; To support campus-wide assessment activities to improve learning outcomes; to support programmatic assessment activities in coordination with academic program review schedule, advise departments preparing for program review, and provide input to the Academic Planning Council on assessment progress of student learning outcomes or programs under review; To support departments and colleges preparing for the assessment component of discipline-specific accreditation reviews; To review and update the university academic assessment plan to make recommendations for funding support for expanded assessment activities of departments and colleges.

University Assessment Panel

Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, chair, ex officio, nonvoting
Carolinda Douglass
Carolinda Douglass
Engineering and Engineering Technology
Engineering and Engineering Technology
Health and Human Sciences
Health and Human Sciences
Therese Arado
Liberal Arts and Sciences - Humanities
Liberal Arts and Sciences - Social Sciences
Liberal Arts and Sciences - Natural Sciences
University Libraries
Visual and Performing Arts /
Visual and Performing Arts
Staff member from the Student Affairs units, appointed by the chief Student Affairs officer
Amy Franklin
Evelyn Comber
Staff member from academic support units, appointed by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Shevawn Eaton
Shevawn Eaaton
Undergraduate student, appointed by the SA President from SAC nominees
Graduate student, appointed by the SA President from SAC nominees
Saurav Mukhopadhyay
Associate or assistant dean responsible for curriculum assessment, appointed by those persons
David Ballantine
Director, Accreditation, Assessment, and Evaluation, ex officio, nonvoring
serves as UAP assistant chair
Ritu Subramony
Associate Vice President for Curriculum, ex officio, nonvoting
Ed Klonoski
Associate Director, Educator Licensure and Preparation, ex officio, nonvoting
Carrie Zack
Senior Research Associate, Accreditation, Assessment, and Evaluation
Tawanda Gipson
Educational Program Evaluation Coordinator, Accreditation, Assessment, and Evaluation
Sarah Coley
Office Manager, Accreditation, Assessment, and Evaluation
Crystal Doyle