2018-19 Committees of the University


NIU Bylaws, Article 17.6.2
Designation of Alternates to Standing Committees of the University and Other University Committees - Should a member of a standing committee of the university or other university-wide committee be unable to attend a meeting of the committee or temporarily be unable to serve on the committee for a period of time not to exceed nine weeks, such member may designate a qualified alternate from the members of the constituency represented. Each committee shall, at the beginning of each academic year, approve working rules specific to the committee with respect to the determination of alternate members. The designated alternate shall have the same prerogatives as the regular member. - Should a member be unable to complete a term of office or be unable to serve on the committee for a period of time in excess of nine weeks, a replacement shall be selected in the same manner in which the regular member was selected, and shall serve until such time as the regular member is able to return to the committee or until the beginning of the next term of office.