2013-14 Committees of the University

Academic Diversity Programs Advisory Committee (ADPAC)

Membership of ADPAC

The Academic Diversity Programs Advisory Committee (ADPAC) is an official standing committee in the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. Its charge is to monitor the progress of the university's academic diversity minors and certificate programs and make recommendations to the program directors and coordinators and the provost. The academic diversity programs consist of:

  • Asian American Studies certificate
  • Black Studies minor
  • Chinese minor
  • Japanese minor
  • Latino and Latin American Studies minor
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies certificate
  • Gerontology Studies minor and certificate
  • Global Studies minor
  • Southeast Asia minor
  • Women's Studies minor

A.  The committee shall be appointed by the vice provost with the advice and consent of the executive vice president and provost and shall consist of ten faculty and staff members, with two student members.

B.  Eight faculty members, two from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to represent two of the college's three areas: humanities, social sciences or physical sciences, and one from the other six colleges, will be nominated by the respective college deans; one member to represent the Graduate School selected by the Graduate Council; one member from the supportive professional staff selected by the Supportive Professional Staff Council; one undergraduate and one graduate student representative who have participated/are participating in a diversity minor or certificate program or equivalent.

Academic diversity program directors and coordinators are ineligible to serve on the committee while serving in this capacity.

The vice provost shall serve as an ex officio nonvoting member.

The coordinator for academic diversity programs shall serve as the ex officio chair of the committee, nonvoting.

C.  The members shall serve three-year staggered terms, with the exception of student members, who shall serve one-year terms. Faculty and staff members shall have the opportunity to serve two three-year consecutive terms before being rotated off the committee.

D.  Duties - The specific duties of the Academic Diversity Programs Advisory Committee shall be:

1.  Provide oversight of the implementation of undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary academic diversity at NIU.

2.  Engage with minor and certificate programs to develop strategic plans that incorporate ongoing development and assessment.

3.  Monitor and evaluate the needs of academic diversity programs based on data from the programs about their progress toward meeting strategic-planning goals.

4.  Make recommendations to college and departments regarding improvements - additions, modifications, and deletions - that can be made to diversity course offerings.

5.  Encourage appropriate and timely course rotation to facilitate the timely completion of the diversity minor or certificate programs.

6.  Regularly monitor available data on undergraduate and graduate student participation.

7.  Support the coordination of interdisciplinary diversity minors and certificate programs into various disciplinary majors and/or programs.

8.  Provide recommendations for prioritization of resource needs for academic diversity programs regarding staff and FTE faculty as well as other key resource needs.

9. Provide protocol for departments to maximize the interface between relevant diversity programs and the faculty recruitment process.

10.  Monitor department support for faculty participation in academic diversity programs.

E.  The committee reports to the executive vice president and provost through the vice provost.

Academic Diversity Programs Advisory Committee (ADPAC)

ADPAC meets at 10 a.m. on the third Friday of each month during the academic year (except December) in Altgeld Hall 231.

MEMBERSHIP 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
Business Elisa Fredericks Elisa Fredericks Elisa Fredericks Elisa Fredericks
Education Joseph Flynn Joseph Flynn
Connie Fox
(for Joe Flynn Fall 2013)
Joseph Flynn
Engineering & Engineering Technology Andrew Otieno Andrew Otieno
The Graduate School Diana Swanson Diana Swanson
Diana Swanson
Graduate student Joseph Petite Tiffanesha Williams
Health & Human Sciences Shi-Ruei Fang Shi-Ruei Fang Shi-Ruei Fang Shi-Ruei Fang
Law Robert Jones Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Liberal Arts & Sciences Laura Vazquez Laura Vazquez Laura Vazquez Laura Vazquez
Liberal Arts & Sciences
(rotating area)
Carol Walther Carol Walther Carol Walther
Visual & Performing Arts Deborah Robertson Melanie Parks Melanie Parks  Melanie Parks 
Supportive Professional Staff Jes Cisneros Jes Cisneros Jes Cisneros Jes Cisneros
*^ Coordinator for Academic Diversity Programs Janice Hamlet Janice Hamlet  
Undergraduate student Danielle McKenzie      
^ Vice Provost Anne Birberick Anne Birberick    

* chair
^ ex officio, nonvoting