Original Press Release:

The Northern Illinois University Art Museum in conjunction with the NIU museum studies program invites you to become immersed in the creative world of printmaker David Driesbach. Moonlight Cocktails are the Thing is a traveling exhibition that spans a lifetime of expression and innovation in Driesbach’s original prints. Working proofs and printing plates will also be displayed to provide a unique insight into the artist’s image-making strategies and technical approaches.

David Driesbach, Northern Illinois University Presidential Research Professor Emeritus, is internationally recognized for his unique abilities to transform printmaking media into his own vehicle for expression. This exhibition investigates the mysteries of influence and symbolism apparent in Mr. Driesbach’s prints by addressing key moments of the artist’s development.

His style reflects an autobiographical reality, which appears as a dream-like narrative touched with symbolism and peopled with theatrical characters, musicians, family members and even the artist himself, his top hat signifying that he is the master of his ceremonies. The printmaker describes his work by asserting, “I know that I am telling stories in my prints…sometimes I don’t know what the story is until the print is done. I work in an additive manner [meaning that new characters and symbols are added as the print develops]”. This imaginative approach to the development of symbolic narratives often simultaneously incorporates the use of multiple printmaking techniques within one composition. Driesbach is truly a master printmaker and storyteller.