Course Transformation Project (CTP)


Course Transformation Project

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The Course Transformation Project (CTP) is a Vision 2020 initiative to enhance student attainment of NIU baccalaureate student learning outcomes and to increase student opportunities for experiential learning through academic enrichment. CTP assists faculty in the redesign, implementation, and assessment of distributed learning courses and offers pedagogical, instructional, and technical support through consultation, training and other resources.

Transformed courses strive to:

  • Increase engagement with content, peers, and the instructor
  • Target higher level learning through enhancing Student Learning Outcomes
  • Emphasize deep versus surface learning
  • Promote cognitive development
  • Enable students to learn in challenging and diverse environments
  • Develop a positive student attitude toward the academic subject

For more information, please contact Michaela Holtz at 815-753-8155 or