About the Northern PACT

The Northern PACT (see Powerpoint presentation) encompasses six principles that outline the expectations we have for members of our community. With each individual making a commitment to uphold these principles, we will have the collective benefit of a culture of care and a sense of connectedness.

As a student in the NIU community, each individual is expected to support and contribute to a community that that honors the Northern PACT principles.

Purposeful: Where academic goals are shared, and faculty and students work together to strengthen teaching and learning across campus.

Just: Where all people are valued and supported while they learn from the diversity of our community.

Caring: Where the well-being of all is supported, and service to others is encouraged.

Open: Where freedom of expression is welcomed, and others are respected.

Disciplined: Where group members accept their responsibility, and expectations guide behavior for the common good.

Celebrative: Where traditions are honored, and both past and new rituals are embraced.

As members of the NIU staff, we hold a shared commitment to responsibility and accountability and pledge to our students that we will act in ways that honor the Northern PACT principles.

Purposeful – Where responsibility and accountability foster community, support ethical leadership and create a safe and secure teaching and learning environment across the campus.

Just – Where responsibility and accountability are free from bias, respectful of the individual, and embraces the spirit of fairness and equity.

Caring – Where policies and accountability are used to promote social-consciousness, civility, and respect for the well-being of all.

Open – Where responsibility and accountability are proactive and empowering to the community while protecting the dignity of its members.

Disciplined – Where policies and accountability set expectations that guide behavior for the common good while promoting safety, security, responsibility, ownership, and accountability.

Celebrative – Where responsibility and accountability honor inclusion, diversity, and accessibility.

These principles were created in alliance with the educational mission of Northern Illinois University, and reflect the values and vision of individual departments and partners that play a fundamental role in the creation and upholding of University policies.