About the Northern PACT

In 2008 the Division of Student Affairs created an initiative called “Northern PACT” in an effort to help build a better community at NIU intentionally integrated into the campus culture.   

Northern PACT encompasses six principles that outline the expectations we have for our students during their time as Huskies.


  • PURPOSEFUL: where academic goals are shared, and faculty and students work together to strengthen teaching and learning across campus

  • JUST: where all people are valued and supported while they learn from the diversity of our community

  • CARING: where the well-being of all is supported, and service to others is encouraged

  • OPEN: where freedom of expression is welcomed, and others are respected

  • DISCIPLINED: where group members accept their responsibility, and expectations guide behavior for the common good

  • CELEBRATIVE: where traditions are honored, and both past and new rituals are embraced


Identify what you can do as an NIU community member and do your best to incorporate the Northern PACT in all aspects of your everyday work and student life.


The Northern PACT is a way to redefine community at NIU; however, your PACT is what you make of it! 



View video clips representing these Northern PACT values >>