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Preparing for Auditions and Interviews

The School of Theatre and Dance requres an audition for acceptance into BFA degree programs (except for the BFA in Dance which requires a proficiency review after the completion of 18 semester hours in the program.) The BA in Theatre Studies is an open admission program.

Audition and Interview Dates

Theatre Studies

Students do not need to interview for the BA in Theatre Studies emphasis.

Students interested in the Theatre Studies emphasis should contact Dr. Patricia Ridge, 815-753-8074.


You must present two contrasting monologues that best represent your skill as an actor. Each monologue should be no longer than one and one half minutes in length. The pieces should be selected from different plays and each should be a speech by one character only, not several characters speaking to each other. If you wish to sing, you may present a song in addition to the monologues, but no more than one minute in length. For this song, you should bring a cassette tape accompaniment and your own tape player, or you may sing a capella.

Choose monologues that represent who you are and situations that you can relate to. Characters close to your age, without significant accents or dialects, and with actions that display your full range of talent are usually best. If you feel comfortable presenting material from Shakespeare or another classical playwright, you are welcome to do so. The second selection should be from a contemporary text.

Prepare for an interview that focuses on your personal dedication to the performing arts, and be able to discuss your theatrical experience and future plans. The faculty is interested in knowing who you are.

Students interested in the BFA in Acting emphasis should contact Professor Stanton Davis, 815-753-8278 or

Design and Technology

Bring a portfolio for the faculty to review during your interview You do not need to have made a decision about which specific design or technology area is your primary interest. The portfolio might include such evidence of your theatre work as sketches, drawings, or drafting; photos of costumes, scenery or properties you have built or helped to prepare; publicity material; art projects or photography. Related information such as forms, schedules, or drawings made on a computer are also helpful. The faculty recognizes that many students have not been able to document extensively their experience and encourages students with strong interest in this area to come to the interview with the material they have available and discuss their background and goals with the faculty. Educational background, special skills, hobbies, employment history, and awards are also of interest. Passion, commitment, intelligence, and imagination can be as important as extensive experience.

Students interested in the BFA in Design and Technology emphasis should contact Professor Tracy Nunnally, 815-753-9342.