Northern Illinois University

School of Theatre and Dance

The Underpants

by Steve Martin

Celebrated stand-up comic, actor and author of several films and made for television movies, Steve Martin adapted Carl Sternheim’s classic farce, Die Hose (The Underpants), to include his renowned brand of zany humor.

In Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1910, Louise Maske inadvertently drops her ill-fitting drawers in the middle of the town square during a parade to honor the king. Her officious and petty civil servant husband Theobald is horrified by Louise’s brief (ahem) display and confines her to the house until he can assess the damage to their conservative and quiet lives that will surely come from the inevitable scandal. Instead of losing his government job and the two of them becoming social outcasts, however, nothing more exciting than two new renters show up at the Maske home.

Only too happy to rent his one spare room to the two men, Theo is unaware that the foppish poet and the whiny hypochrondiac have more than just lodging on their minds. It’s Louise they’ve come to woo—and Louise is enjoying the amorous attention.

The Underpants is a cheeky satire and social commentary about scandal and celebrity, guaranteed to crack you up.

(This SoTD production is not affiliated with DeKalb CUSD #428)

January 30-Feb 2, 6-8

Huntley Middle School Auditorium