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Time Stands Still

By Donald Margulies

Written by Pulitzer Prize winner, Donald Margulies, Time Stands Still takes place against a backdrop of the war in Iraq. Photojournalist Sarah Goodwin returns home to Brooklyn, New York, to her foreign correspondent partner, James, in order to recover from injuries inflicted by a roadside bomb while following the conflict.

While she recovers, they have disagreeing opinions about whether or not they will return to cover the action. She is addicted to the adrenaline rush of documenting the atrocities of war. He has had enough. Sarah nevertheless has time to think about much more than the dangers of her high-stakes career. At a deeper level of introspection, she also faces its ambiguities, with its required dispassionate observation of horrific events and her need to control the depth of her reactions by freezing such events in an instant of time. She is eventually faced with the prospects of living a more conventional life, far from the thrill of battle.

At the center of Time Stands Still is a love story. Conflict, growth and change. It is about the choices and compromises we all make - in relationships, in work, and even in war - and how the decisions of the past create the present and how emotional connections in the moment define the range of alternatives for the future.

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