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Lovers and Other Strangers

By Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna

A success on Broadway before it became a hit movie in 1970, Lovers and Other Strangers is a pleasant and optimistic comedy written by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna that chronicles an impending marriage between two young lovers, and through a series of vignettes, the peripheral stories of several of their relatives and friends. As the big day progresses, the about-to-be-newlyweds begin to feel that they are the only ones who are actually happy on their wedding day. The father of the bride is in love with his wife's best friend, the groom's brother comes to realize he wants a divorce, while one of the cousins falls into adolescent love with one of the ushers. Lovers and Other Strangers compares the simple and uncomplicated love of newlyweds with all the compromises and deceptions of the various couples that surround them on their wedding day.