Northern Illinois University

School of Theatre and Dance

Fall 2013 Dance Concert

The fall concert is a smorgasbord of styles, from the ballet, Les Sylphides, to two modern compositions, Sea Songsand Silly Love Songs, which ultimately all point to matters of the heart, relationships between men and women and love and loss.

Silly Love Songs, choreographed by Danzloop Chicago’s Paula Frasz, consists of seven different sections, all of which are set to the music of Tony Bennett, and, taken as a whole, provide an underlying warning that, "Love kills."

The ballet, Les Sylphides, is said to be the first "romantic reverie" and introduced to the public in 1909. As such, there is no plot, but rather, it is a one-act non-narrative romantic ballet. Originally choreographed by Michel Fokine to music by Frédéric Chopin, the ballet follows a young man wandering the woods at night who encounters white sylphs, or "spirits of the air," dancing in the moonlight. The man joins in and dances with the sylphs. Some dance productions have characterized this man as "a poet dreaming about his inspirations."

A dance concert that, as always, is diverse in its presentation, and yet has something meaningful for everyone who dreams of someone else.

(This SoTD production is not affiliated with DeKalb CUSD #428)

November 21-24

Huntley Middle School Auditorium
1515 S. Fourth St., DeKalb

Production Ended