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Look Homeward, Angel

adaptation of Thomas Wolfe by Ketti Frings


It is fall in the fictional town of Altamont, Catawba, in the year nineteen hundred and sixteen. In the years leading up to WWI, Eugene has spent his young life juggling the needs and demands of his overbearing mother to help run her seedy boarding house, "Dixieland." Financially and emotionally miserly, she is obsessed by the accumulation of wealth and property.

His father is an alcoholic and prone to very loud if not violent outbursts. On his sober days, he is a stonecutter in great demand for his beautiful work, but still imprisoned by his failures. Eugene slowly realizes his brother, too, will never break away.

But, his life has been been touched by the eccentric and colorful travelers staying at "Dixieland." Eugene Gant has begun to yearn for the world outside what he has always known.

Nominated for multiple Tony Awards, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for Best American Play in 1958, Look Homeward, Angel is an adaptation by Ketti Frings of Thomas Wolfe’s semi-autobiographical first novel of the same name.

Concentrating on the last third of Wolfe’s story, the play vividly portrays in romantic hindsight Eugene’s longing to go to college and become a writer and breaking away into the wider world. An authentic American classic, this powerful yet tender play captures the sardonic humor and the grief, both private and universal, of Wolfe’s story about a youth coming of age.

"One of the finest plays in American dramatic literature." - The New York Post

(This SoTD production is not affiliated with DeKalb CUSD #428)

March 27-30, April 3-5

Huntley Middle School Auditorium