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A Skull in Connemara

By Martin McDonagh

Written in 1997 by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, A Skull in Connemara takes place in a small, rural town in Ireland. The parish priest hires Mick Dowd to be a gravedigger for one week every autumn. Mick disinters bodies of the dead after they have rested for seven years in order to make room for the newly deceased in the church's small grave yard. However, this year, Mick is supposed to dig up the bones of his wife, Oona, who died seven years ago in a mysterious car crash. Along with her remains, the rumors are resurrected and recirculated through the town that her death was foul play and that Mick was involved.

"McDonagh's writing is pitiless but compassionate; he casts a cold, hard but understanding eye on relationships made of mistrust, hesitation, resentment and malevolence." - The Sunday Times

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