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Graduate Programs

General Requirements

To be admitted as a graduate student in the School of Theatre and Dance, an applicant must have obtained a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university or from a recognized foreign institution, must have the approval of the school and either must have a minimum 2.75 overall grade point average (GPA), based on a 4.00 system, in their baccalaureate program or must have completed 15 or more semester hours of graduate work at an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.20 or higher.

How to Apply

Apply through the Graduate School.  The completed Graduate School application form must be received by the Graduate School no later than June 1 for admission to the fall semester, November 1 for the spring semester, and April 1 for the summer session. All remaining application materials—official transcripts, required test scores, and letters of recommendation—must be received by August 1 for the fall semester, January 1 for the spring semester, and June 1 for the summer session.

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Common Core of Courses

All students in the MFA share a common core of courses. Every semester each student enrolled in the MFA program participates in a production and credit is given through the performance and production course. Students may enroll in this course six times. A knowledge of the literature of theatre is of utmost importance. Script Laboratory, THEA 576, explores a number of scripts each semester, reaching across genres. Various methods of script analysis are used to understand the scripts from a production point of view.

Each student is also required to participate in theatre study and work outside the students designated area and outside the school. Internships are an ideal way to meet some of those requirements. The school can frequently assist the student in finding an appropriate internship program through its many regional, national, and international connections with other performing arts groups. Course credit may be given by the school for an internship.