Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Technology 

Industrial Management and Technology

What is Industrial Management Technology?

The B.S. in technology with an emphasis in industrial technology provides students with a combination of hands-on technical skills and a sound management base.

This emphasis requires seven courses, in which students are taught current technology concepts. Students are also required to take courses in the areas of management and supervision. Students who graduate from NIU with this emphasis have the skills to enter management or manufacturing fields.

These students are highly sought after by various companies both as interns during their studies or for employment after graduation.

The areas of study include the following:

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Students in this area of study learn the latest trends related to the use of the computer in design. Our graduates learn basic and advanced concepts in the use of AutoCAD and its application in the area of 2-D drafting and 3-D modeling, including advanced solid modeling techniques using SolidWorks. Students in this area learn to apply the CAD and drafting principles to the area of tool and die design as well as machine design.

Manufacturing Technology

Students in the manufacturing technology area of study are taught the basic fabrication principles process for plastics, metals, and other materials. Students also learn the basics of manufacturing systems and automation. As part of the requirements of this area, students learn programming and use of programmable logic controllers, one of the fastest growing areas in manufacturing. 

Occupational Safety

Students in this area of study are taught methods of risk management and compliance with OSHA requirements. Students are involved with occupational safety and making the workplace safer for all employees through the use of ergonomics and other safety techniques. Students also learn concepts in disaster preparedness and control of hazardous industrial operations. 

Electronics Technology

Information about Electronics Technology coming soon.

Program Accreditation

The emphasis in industrial management and technology received initial accreditation in 1998, and is fully accredited today by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

High School Preparation  

Industrial technology is a science-based curriculum. It is desirable for students entering this emphasis to have taken one physics and one level of mathematics. In addition, prior computer knowledge is beneficial in preparing for your studies.  

After Graduation and Beyond

An indicator of a technology program's success is its ability to place students in successful career paths upon graduation. At NIU, most students in the industrial technology emphasis receive employment offers prior to graduation, working for companies in the Chicago area with high starting salaries. In addition, many of these students choose to obtain a master's degree either directly after graduation or while working.

Graduates of the NIU Department of Technology are employed at companies such as:   Motorola, Liberty Mutual, Omron, Caterpillar, Ingersoll, Sundstrand, Underwriters Labs, DURA Automotive Systems, Chrysler, AON, Siemens, Greenfield Industries, Connor-Winfield, Woodward Governor, McHugh Construction

An Open Invitation

If the emphasis in industrial technology at Northern Illinois University sounds interesting and you would like additional information, or would like to see our facilities, please contact us at (815) 753-1349.