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Emphasis in Electrical Engineering Technology

Program Objectives

Electrical engineering technology graduates will:

  • Provide the technical skills in the design, application, installation, maintenance, and support of complex electrical/electronics systems.
  • Have the skills to adapt to the changing needs of society and provide solutions to better society.
  • Have a well-balanced knowledge in the theory and practice within the electrical/electronics areas.
  • Perform in an ethical society, and thus, provide effective, responsible, and articulate membership in our complex society.
  • Understand the need for obtaining new knowledge, including technological advances, and be able to continue to learn and be capable of self-renewal.
  • Seek and apply creative and analytical insight in the solution of engineering-type problems.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in written form, using many forms of presentation.
  • Function as part of an interdisciplinary team.
  • Acquire new forms of knowledge and the ability to utilize this knowledge.
  • Become familiar with new technology and its implications.
  • Have the academic and professional competence sufficient for productive employment and advancement within their respective industry.
  • Understand and undertake the advanced study required for leadership in the electronic industry.
  • Apply a liberal arts and science education to real-world problems.
  • Be technically prepared for making a seamless transition into leadership, management, and service positions in business, industry, education, and government.
  • Improve productivity, safety, and the well-being of society by combining scientific, engineering, and management knowledge with technical skills.
  • Understand the need for flexibility in the face of change and consistency in the pursuit of excellence to provide lifelong learning by recognized national and international leadership.