Out of State Candidates

An educator from another state may obtain certification in Illinois if he or she

  • meets the general requirements for all teachers (age, character, citizenship or legally present);
  • holds a valid and comparable certificate from another state or territory; and
  • meets the Illinois certification testing requirements.

The out-of-state candidate must have earned his or her certificate through completion of a traditional or alternative program that includes components comparable to those required in Illinois. This includes coursework in professional education, student teaching, and a major in a subject area relevant to the certificate.

Legislation passed in 2004 eliminates the Basic Skills Test requirement for out-of-state candidates who hold a valid and comparable certificate from another state, possession or territory of the U.S. The law also authorized exemption of out-of-state candidates from the relevant content-area test(s) if they can provide evidence of having successfully passed, in another state, a certification test that is directly related to the subject area of the Illinois certificate. However, all out-of-state certification candidates are required to take the relevant Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT). For more information, please refer to the ISBE Special Note to Out-of-State Candidates .

An out-of-state certification candidate may receive all certificates for which he or she is eligible at the time of initial Illinois certification. Thereafter, the individual is considered an Illinois educator and must meet the Illinois requirements for subsequent certificates and endorsements.