ILAS 301 Seminar Presentations

ILAS 301 Seminar Presentations

"Catch" Presentation (Nancy Lacursia, DeKalb County Health Department) 

Seminar One Presentation:  Course Orientation (Melanie Bickley, Coordinator of Student Placements)

Seminar Two Presentation:  The Middle Level Student (Carolyn Young, Principal, Lake Park Elementary School)
     Seminar Two Handout:  The Middle Level Student

Seminar Three Presentation:  Lesson Planning (Ata Shakir, teacher, DeKalb High School)
     Seminar Three Handout:  Lesson Planning

Seminar Four Presentation:  Common Core Standard Implementation (Dr. Sarah Mumm, Director of Curriculum, Kaneland School District)

Seminar Five Presentation:  Differentiation and Assessment (Mike Rice, Assistant Principal, Kaneland Senior High School)

Seminar Six Presentation:  Resumes and Interviews (Teri Schmidgall, Career Counselor, NIU Career Services)
     Sample English Resume
     Sample Foreign Language Resume
     Sample History Resume
     Sample Math Resume
     Resume Review Checklist

Seminar Seven Presentation:  The Danielson Framework (Mike Rice, Assistant Principal, Kaneland Senior High School)

Seminar Eight Presentation:  How to Motivate Students Who Are Unmotivated (Devon LaRosa, Principal, Auburn High School)

     How to Motivate High School Students
     Student Engagement Key Concepts
     Six Common Mistakes that Undermine Motivation
     Engage Me or Enrage Me
     Engaging Teachers Around Student Engagement