Welcome to Tau Sigma!

The 2014-2015 academic year was definitely a blast, and we are grateful for all of your leadership contributions for current and future transfer students (like our Sauk Valley visit, and the National Conference).  We had a lot of members graduate this year, but we have also seen some great, emerging leaders!  Our new member induction ceremony will occur in the fall term.  Prospective members who have received an invitation are now able to register online!

If you ordered honor cords or t-shirts, Arielle has them in Williston Hall.  Contact her at to set up a time to retrieve them, as her position at NIU requires a lot of travel.

Many of our updates for Tau Sigma National Honor Society are on Facebook (check your other folder if you have requested the group, as we have to verify that students are members, via Z-ID), or Huskie Link (invitation only). 

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