Green Office Initiative

Promoting Environmental Awareness and
Integrity in the Workplace

It is the duty and privilege of higher education institutions to take the initiative to promote sustainability in all facets of the university.

The Green Office Initiative sponsored by the NIU Student Association and the NIU Green Team in a collective effort to unite the administrative and academic offices across campus in a "green" atmosphere. This program challenges offices and departments to make small changes in their daily operations that will promote environmental awareness.

List of Recognized Offices

Green Office Steps

  1. Office or Department follows steps to self-evaluate for bronze, then silver levels. (Must follow the levels in order.)
  2. Offices or Departments that wish to reach the gold level must arrange a meeting with one of the Green Office Coordinators. 
    • Contact Jessica McKay about getting your office or department involved.
  3. At the meeting, the coordinator will go through the process to reach gold status.
  4. An office or department can stop at any point that they wish, but must start at the bronze level.

Program Tips

Many offices throughout campus already participate in these activities casually. Our hope is that the acceptance of this program will cause office members to be more diligent and consistent with their environmental efforts, and ultimately encourage others to do the same.

Recognized Offices