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NIU Sustainability Plan

The Green Team is currently drafting a campus sustainability plan for NIU. The process to write the plan is meant to be collaborative and involve many stakeholders.

  1. Identify where NIU stands (in progress)
    • Compile as much information as is known about environmental practices and events at NIU. 
  2. Make these practices and events known to NIU constituent groups (in progress)
    • Website 
    • Press materials 
  3. Generates interest and buy-in (in progress)
    • Identify key offices and individuals to involve in the process 
    • Consider getting students involved through classes, independent projects, faculty-led research projects, etc. 
  4. Generate ideas (starting fall 2017)
    • Create the plan 
      • ENVS 491 section 1 is being offered to students interested in working on writing the sustainability plan in the fall 2017 semester
    • Continue to ensure stakeholder interest and buy-in 
  5. Plan for implementation (continuous)
    • Should be a factor throughout the entire planning process 
    • Keep asking, how will we accomplish this goal, who will be in charge, is this a one-time accomplishment, does it need continuous monitoring, does it need additional resources, etc.

 Send an email to Melissa Burlingame, NIU Green Team Chair at with your interest.