New in 2016

NIU's departments and colleges are always adding new camps to their line up of popular favorites like Speech, Athletics, and Engineering Amusement.

STEM Outreach is offering a number of new, exciting camps this year -

Exploring STEM through Coding - Team up with fellow campers to complete in a series of challenges using technology and coding. See how big data, GIS, urban planning, and computer coding can impact decisions on the use of our parks and public spaces. Students will gain skills in coding, digital literacy, teambuilding, and leadership and enjoy the great outdoors at Lorado Taft.

Exploring STEM through Sci-Fi - From space battles to super heroes, there’s a lot science in science fiction! This super-powered STEM camp will answer all the important questions like “Can radiation really give you super powers?” and “How do I build my own light saber?” Campers will explore the facts behind the fiction through hands-on activities and experiments and will even create their own short science fiction movies!

Exploring STEM through Lightning Bolts and Magnetic Fields - In this electrifying camp session, campers will investigate the science of electricity and magnetism through exciting hands-on activities and interactive projects. Campers will learn about electricity and circuits as they solder and construct their own electronic devices. They will also explore the phenomenon of magnetism as they experiment with homemade electromagnets and even create their own electric motors and generators.

Exploring STEM through Green Technology - Renewable energy has become a popular topic, but what is “renewable energy?” What are some of the alternative energy sources being explored, and how will they change the way we live our lives? In this session campers will explore the science and technology behind solar panels, wind mills, and other eco-friendly energy sources. The camp uses inventive and creative activities to incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math into fun, memorable experiences. Students will participate in real-world, hands on projects and learn from field trips to local green energy facilities.

CLAS External Programming is offering NIU's very first LGBTQ+ Camp -

Huskie Pride - this week-long will unlock future leadership and advocacy potential for students. Campers will learn about self-care, how to advocate for themselves and other people, how to find a LGBTQ+ friendly college, learn about and teach others how to be an effective ally, create strong partnerships with allies, start a Gay-Straight Alliance, leadership, and many other topics of interest.

College of Health & Human Sciences is offering a new hospitality camp

Hospitality Leadership - Explore hospitality careers firsthand by staying in the Holmes Student Center Hotel, touring a farm, experiencing local cuisine, attending a theater production, and managing, cooking, and serving a lunch at NIU’s Ellington’s restaurant.