Ally photo

Ally Ash   

Year in School: Junior


Working Hours: Monday/Wednesday 1:15-2:45 p.m. and Friday 1:15-2:45 p.m.

Study Abroad Program: ISA Florence, Italy: Business, Hospitality, Design & Liberal Arts Spring 2015


Favorite memory from studying abroad:

My favorite memory from studying abroad is also my most disgusting. It was a weekend trip to a place called Cinque Terre (Five Lands) and it was the first trip with my roommates. The very first day we took a train to one of the little coast villages and went straight for the warf. I was so excited to get close up pictures of the beautiful ocean and shoreline that I didn’t notice the algae covering the slanted walkway that I was standing on—that is until my roommate yelled “be careful! It’s slippery!” I then proceeded to fall straight onto my backside and drop my camera in the process. Luckily nothing but my ego and my then algae covered pants were harmed. That day was simultaneously the dirtiest I had gotten on the trip as well as the day that I laughed the very most.

Favorite excursion or adventure:

Though it is hard to beat that day in Cinque Terre, my favorite excursion was to the small town of San Gimignano. There was a party in the streets and people were playing in the fallen confetti like it was fresh clean snow instead of dirty, half soaked pieces of colored paper. That day, I saw incredible sites, listened to loud music with my friend, and ate a gelato that had won the world gelato competition for best gelato multiple years in a row. Why did you decide to study abroad? I had always loved Italian food, culture, and language since I was three or four. My family friend was an Italian immigrant and often shared that culture with our family through our daily lives and routines. It made me homesick for something I had never really experienced before. When I found a flier in my mailbox I felt compelled to check out the study abroad program and Italy was my very first choice.

Hours you are available in the Study Abroad Office: You can come talk to me during my office hours! I’d be happy to help you with anything you need.