Re-entry Resources

Many students consider returning to the United States after they have studied abroad to be the most difficult thing they have ever had to do. Yet most of these students do not seek help from the Study Abroad Office or other university resources. Following are some strategies that may help you readjust to your life at NIU:

  1. Read and reflect on the NIU Study Abroad Office Reentry Handbook (pdf): research shows that the experiential and transformative aspects of the study abroad experience are fully realized only when participants take the time to reflect on the meanings of their experiences.
  2. Stay in touch with friends from your program: these are the people who have been through the same process, and touching base with them from time to time will help you adjust, as well as give you a way to reflect on the experiences you had abroad and back at NIU.
  3. Become a Study Abroad Peer Advisor or Student Worker: students who are considering study abroad would love to hear stories from you, a returned student, and again, you have the chance to reflect on and process your experiences.
  4. Enter the Study Abroad Office Photo Contest during the annual Study Abroad Fair
  5. Contact the Study Abroad Office or Counseling and Student Development Center if you would like help with reentry shock or feelings of depression or alienation.
  6. Make an appointment with Career Services for help in how to use your international experience in résumé writing/interviewing, or for help in how to find a job overseas


Chicago Lessons From Abroad Conference

The Lessons From Abroad (LFA) organization seeks to help students make sense of their education abroad experience after they have returned home. LFA offers programming, resources, and research that establishes a community of learners who successfully integrate their international experience in all facets of their academic, personal, and professional lives.

Students who attend a Lessons From Abroad Conference are expected to:

  • Explore various perspectives on the meaning of your study abroad experience.
  • Reflect on and learn how to convey your international skills in a job interview.
  • Discover how you can teach, work, volunteer, travel, or study abroad after graduation.
  • Stay connected to and share your study abroad experience in a purposeful manner.

The Returnee conference is held every spring. Visit Chicago Lessons From Abroad for more information.