Mentoring Valuable Peers - MVP

Mentoring Valuable Peers (MVP)

MVP is a program through Student Support Services designed to pair experienced college students (mentors) with new & incoming college students (mentees). The hope of the program is to combine leadership and mentorship to enhance the college experience of both the mentors and mentees. The establishment of a long-term relationship is ideal. Through our program, mentors are recommended to enroll in our CAHC 492 course to learn various lessons created to make them highly effective.

CAHC 492
A course is offered to those interested who will serve as a mentor through the MVP program. This course is a mentoring/leadership class that encompasses aspects of mentoring with a multicultural and collegiate focus. The MVP program engages experienced college students through various readings and activities designed to aid them in their mentoring relationships. Mentors discuss the development of college freshmen and sophomores as well as cultivating their own growth.

Those interested in enrolling in this course must first participate in a brief interview with the MVP coordinator to go over the roles and expectations for the course and program. If you are interested in taking this course and becoming a mentor, please contact LaBrian Carrington at (815) 753-1165.

Mentors are recruited and selected to take the course and are given mentees in a semi-structured format. Each mentor is responsible for contacting their mentee once a week and forming a positive and nurturing relationship with their counterparts. Being a mentor provides excellent interpersonal and leadership experiences that can be transferred to a resume or for personal development.

Mentees are students enrolled in Student Support Services who expressed interest in being a part of a mentoring program on their Student Support Services enrollment applications. These students are paired with upper division students, who are responsible for aiding in making the mentee college transition smooth. For more information on becoming a member of Student Support Services, please contact LaBrian Carrington at (815) 753-1165.

Programs & Activities
Mentor/Mentee Meet & Greet:
Social event that serves as the formal introduction of the mentors & mentees.

Mentor/Mentee Semester Activity: Every semester, MVP will plan a group activity for all of the mentors and mentees within the program in order to promote unity and collaborative relationships.

Mentor Fundraisers: Activity created and facilitated by the mentors of the program with the objective of raising additional funds for the MVP excursions.

MVP Mentor/Mentee Excursions: These are trips designed to provide an additional social/cultural outlet for the mentors and/or mentees of the MVP program.

Annual Leadership Seminar: Students can receive the opportunity to travel to a leadership seminar geared towards promoting effective leadership.

Recognition Ceremony: Mentors and mentees of MVP are invited to share experiences and give/receive awards for various contributions to MVP.